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What is Horse Bits Academy

Horse Bits Academy focuses on using horses for learning. Experimental learning that is a process in which students of all ages can develop new learning styles, soft skills, and personal values from direct experiences outside the traditional school setting. Accelerating learning bridges, the gap between theory and practice and increases engagement levels, this enables personalized growth and learning. From here learning creates opportunities for problem solving and the learned information is remembered and not forgotten. Horse Bits Academy will help identify our patterns and habits to help develop skills such as communication, leadership, respect, and listening.

We also have reading programs that have been developed by horse powered reading. Which teaches reading skills and confidence that will transfer into the classroom.

Horses provide what we can't judgment free, motivation, and self-efficacy. Their energy, responses, and more, is their power.

We also provide support services for disabled people with anxiety and emotional needs. We can bring Luna out for a visit.

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  • Issues affecting learning are identified and made
  • Visible using obstacles and symbolizes blocking learning.


  • Students work with horses just as they would read a book
  • Students connect with the book (horse) for a judgment-free zone.


  • Memory retention and recall improve when movement anchors learning.
  • Challenges getting in the way of academic and social-emotional growth are addressed by the facilitator.


  • Sessions allow students to reflect on what they experiencing and provide the opportunity to create new patterns of learning.

Meet Luna the Miniature Horse

This is Luna and she is a regisered class A Miniature Horse. She stands 41" inches high and is very kid friendly. Luna is being used for Equine Assisted Learning, Horse Powered Reading, and Therapy.

Horses Provide

  • Fun, engaging experiences while kids learn the essentials of reading.
  • A sensitive and non-judgemental partner through their learning.
  • Self confidence and self-esteem

What is a reading camp

  • Kids play learning games using reading skills. They will decode prefixes, suffixes, vocabulary and phonics skills
  • It is so much fun that kids won't realize how much they are learning and of course, horses are part of the fun and games.

About the facilitator

Horse Bits Academy lessons are facilitated by Karen Shaper who holds:

  • Masters degree in Communications
  • Teaches Communications at the University of Michigan
  • Certified by Horses Powered Reading
  • Certified in your purpose, power and peace

If you would like to have a class or session with Luna please call Karen Shaper at 1-734-846-3118 to make arrangements. You can come to her or she can come to you.

scottie and luna


Karen Shaper MA: Educator and Equine Enthusiast

Karen Shaper is a dedicated teacher and horse enthusiast who has combined her two passions to create a unique and inspiring teaching method. Through her work, Karen helps others appreciate the remarkable communication skills of horses, leading to positive changes.

She received her training under Gina Yarrish at Yarcort Inc. and is a certified Equine Assisted Learning instructor, as well as a certified facilitator with Horse Powered Reading

Karen holds a master's degree in communications and is a sought-after speaker, sharing her knowledge of relationships with groups of all ages. She also teaches Communications at the University of Michigan Dearborn, Washtenaw Community College, and Eastern Michigan University.

Karen lives in Michigan with her family, who inspired her to pursue her passion for horse-assisted learning, which has become her life's work.horses and for giving her the encouragement, inspiration, spirit, and motivation to pursue horse assisted learning, which has become the passion of her life's work.

Contact Information

Phone - 734-846-3118

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